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Water Service Leaks / Repair / Replacement

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PipeMaster is your best choice for when it comes to finding and repairing the leak in your water service pipe to your home from the city. We have extensive training and experience with the different types of location methods out there and we know what method will best suit each situation. We have solved many leaks which other Victoria plumbing companies simply could not. Call us today and be amazed at our ability to efficiently diagnose and repair the problem for you. 

Unfortunately, there are situations where there is no choice but to replace your water service pipe rather than repair it, such as when you have an old rusty iron pipe which has become paper thin over the years within the soil. Replacing this pipe is a big job, but we can make it look easy with our extensive experience and knowledge of the best techniques for the job. There are trenchless methods, water jet trenching, hand dug and machine dug trenching methods. Each method has its place. Talk to us today about your water leakage problem and let us help you get it sorted out quickly and at a fair price.

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