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PipeMaster is your neighborhood expert when it comes to toilets. We have repaired every type of toilet you can imagine over the years, including some that were over 80 years old! 

Toilet troubles? Give us a call and let us show you how simple most toilet repairs are. Whether it's a leaking toilet or one that won't stop filling, we can look after the job simply and at a fair price.

Looking to upgrade to a new high efficiency low flow toilet? Good news! All toilets sold in Victoria BC are now required to comply with a provincial law which requires them to be use 6 litres or less. Compared to the old toilet in your home which can use up to 28 litres per flush, this is a huge savings on the water bill and helps our environment as well. 

We install dual flush models! Interested in a dual flush toilet? Call us today for a new toilet.

Toilet clogged? Give us a call and we will quickly respond to get you back in good flushing order again.


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