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Our drain experts are available 24 hours a day to help you deal with all drain issues you may have in Oak Bay British Columbia. PipeMaster's Drain and Sewer technicians are highly trained and experienced in drain and sewer installation, repair, and maintenance. We have tackled some of the toughest jobs imaginable. In fact, we are the plumber other plumbers call when they are stuck and can not solve the problem for their clients! Why not save yourself the trouble and call us in first to quickly and efficiently take care of all your Drainage issues?

Oak Bay BC Drainage and Sewer Installation

Sewer and Drainage installations are large jobs that should only be dealt with by experienced professionals. We have the expertise necessary to make sure your job is completed safely and properly so that you can enjoy years of trouble free operation. Hiring an inexperienced contractor can backfire when they hit underground utilities and leave you liable for tens of thousands in damages to underground infrastructure. Trust us to comply with current BC building codes and test your plumbing and drainage systems to the standards laid out within the plumbing code.

Oak Bay BC Drainage and Sewer Repairs

When disaster strikes, call us in to get your drains and sewers repaired quickly and efficiently. We have repaired thousands of problems with perimeter drains and sewers over the years so we really have "seen it all". Chances are we have dealt with the exact same problem you are experiencing many times over, so you can be assured that we know the most efficient way to deal with the problem by making a quality repair and that we also know when it makes the most sense to replace a pipe rather than waste money on a repair which is not going to be successful beyond the short term. Call Oak Bay's trusted Drainage technicians to deal with your Drain Repair. We employ state of the art camera inspection and pipe location technology to pin point the problem and ensure we are offering the best and most appropriate solution.

Oak Bay BC Drainage and Sewer Maintenance

We are the leaders in providing maintenance of Drainage and Sewer lines in Oak Bay. We have the equipment and the expertise to do the best job at a fair price. We utilize the best equipment and techniques for your specific job based on our extensive experience with maintaining drain and sewer pipes. We do Hydro-Jetting, Power Rooter, Power Auger, Hydro Flushing, Pressure Clearing and Rodding to clear out even the toughest blockages. And you don't need to take our word for it - we can perform a video pipe inspection and show you exactly how your pipe looks before and after the cleaning so you can be confident that you have a well maintained system.


Oak Bay Drainage and Sewers

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