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There is nothing quite so frustrating as a slow drain! Having to wait forever for the water to drain away, dirty tubs and sinks as scum settles on the surface... Maybe there is a better way! Call PipeMaster today to fix that slow drain straight away! We are quite simply the most qualified plumber in the Greater Victoria area when it comes to clearing drains. We can fix your problem much faster and cheaper than many of the outfits out there claiming to be experts at the task. We have the right equipment for the job, which believe it or not is not very common in the industry here. We also have many years experience using it, so we have developed the best techniques for clearing all the various types of blockages within the various types of pipe out there. When other plumbers are stuck, they call us to help them get the drains cleared! Skip the middle man and go straight to the experts at PipeMaster Plumbing to get your slow Victoria BC drain running like a champ!

Slow Drains