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Some Drain tile systems unfortunately can not be salvaged in a cost effective manner such that it makes more sense to replace the system with a modern system up to current BC building code. A system which meets current code with have access for cleaning and maintenance, bends within the system which allow cleaning and inspection equipment to pass through, and it will be separated into two systems - one for ground water and one for roof and other surface water. 

Older systems combined the roof water with the ground water by dumping the huge amount of water which flows off the roof and in the gutters down into the drain tile around the foundation of the home. This was a very bad idea as the last place you want a lot of water is around the foundation of your home. It doesn't take many leaves or roots to plug up the relatively small drain tiles around the foundation and create flooding for the home. 

Call PipeMaster and have us install a reliable drain tile system. We are also experienced in foundation repair. We will inspect your foundation while it is exposed during the course of work and repair any cracks or damage. We will then apply a membrane to the foundation to seal it against any possible water intrusion.

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