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PipeMaster is your neighborhood expert when it comes to electric water heaters in Victoria BC and surrounding areas. We have literally installed and serviced thousands over the years! We have seen it all, from tanks that have lasted just a couple of days to tanks which have lasted over 80 years! We know what works and what does not. Trust us to install your next water heater and give you peace of mind knowing the job was done right the first time. 

When your electric water heater requires repairs, call PipeMaster at 250-883-7271 We have a mastery of both the plumbing and electrical components of your water heater, so we are ideally suited to diagnose and rectify the issues you are having with your electric water heater. 

We offer very competitive pricing on residential electric water heater replacements in Greater Victoria - contact us today for a free quote!

Did you know that approximately 90 percent of water heaters in Greater Victoria BC are not installed correctly and according to the BC building code? All water heaters are required to be installed with a potable water expansion tank, Vacuum Breaker, Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve, Seismic Restraints, and a Shut off. When there are elderly and young children in the home or facility, there is also a requirement that the water be delivered no hotter than 120 degrees farenheit to the faucet, but it must be stored at 140 degrees farenheit or higher in order to ensure full bacteria kill of dangerous Legionella bacteria. This must be accomplished by installing a mixing valve which will blend some cold water into the outgoing water stream from the water heater to achieve the correct blended temperature and prevent scalding. 3rd degree burns can happen in just a few seconds if 140 degree water is in contact with the skin, and all electric water heaters come pre-set at 140 degrees.

Gas Water Heaters often deliver water even hotter to the faucet - sometimes as high as 170 degrees. This is due to thermal stratification. The temperature probe on a gas water heater is at the bottom of the water heater where water is coldest. Therefore after a while (such as overnight) when the water has had time to thermally stratify, the temperature probe at the bottom of the tank can get a false reading of the temperature inside the tank where it will be drawn from in the morning. This can lead to a very serious scalding hazard! Let us install a mixing valve on your water heater to give you safe and consistent 120 degree water at all times. 

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