Plumbing FAQ's

Does my water heater require maintenance?

Answer: Yes! Maintenance of your water heater is the best way to keep it working efficiently and to make it last as long as possible. Flushing of your water heater not only prolongs the life of your tank, but also prevents build up of dangerous bacteria within the accumulating sediments on the bottom of your electric water heater.

My water smells like rotten eggs, what do I do? 

Answer: Call PipeMaster Plumbing. We will assess your situation and get it sorted out for you. A common cause of foul smelling water is iron eating bacteria within the water heater. There are a number of potential solutions there including a new aluminum anode rod or a new plastic lifetime warranty water heater.

My toilet turns on during the night - why?

Answer: In all likelihood you have a compromised toilet flapper. This is the component which keeps the water in the tank until it is time to flush it. Call us today to replace it for a peaceful nights sleep.

There is a small puddle which appears around my water heater from time to time. It usually dries up fairly quickly and then I don't see it again for a while. What is going on?

Answer: You are dealing with a leaking temperature and pressure relief valve, though in this case the valve is relieving due to an over pressure condition. This is likely due to a missing potable water expansion tank on your system or having no Pressure Reducing Valve installed. This puddle is indicative of a serious problem whereby your plumbing system is being subjected to repeated pressure spikes up to 150 psi which is likely to cause failure of plumbing components and possibly a flood. Call PipeMaster today so we can help you prevent a plumbing disaster.

The pressure in my water system at home seems high - what is going on?

Answer: It could be that the water provider in your area has boosted the pressure in order to provide higher pressure to the homes being built in the area. The plumbing code requires that the water pressure in a home be no higher than 80 psi. Call PipeMaster today to your Greater Victoria home and we will measure the pressure to see if you are in excess of what is allowed by code. We can install a pressure reducing valve to help keep your plumbing system safe.

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